About Me

Irshad is a former Mr. World Physique & Natural Professional Men’s Physique Athlete who represents New Zealand.

Over the last 6 years, he has been competing in natural bodybuilding - 19 competitions to be exact. He has worked with clients focusing on weight loss and general health and wellness. Irshad believes fitness and exercise should be made enjoyable so that it becomes an integral part of someones daily life, as opposed to a temporary plan or program. It has given him the opportunity to travel all over the world to see different cultures and lifestyles.

He won the Professional Men’s Physique Mr. World title in 2015 which was a New Zealand FIRST.

This gave him the opportunity to be featured in magazines, TV and brand endorsements while gaining thousands of followers on his social media platforms. He works with every client personally to achieve real results that can be maintained over a lifetime, through exercise programs that are simple to sustain.

As someone who has managed multiple companies. Irshad understands and specialises in the busy schedule of celebrities and business professionals.